Agendas, Memos and Documents

  • School Board documents are available through BoardDocs, the online school board meeting software used by ASD. To access agendas and documents, click the public access button below. 


    To watch live streaming and archived recordings of School Board meetings, access the ASD YouTube channel through the watch online button below.



Accessing and Participating in Meetings

  • ASD staff and members of the public are required to wear a face covering while inside the ASD Education Center (5530 E. Northern Lights Blvd 99504).


    The Board Room will be configured to achieve adequate social distancing between individuals. Based on the maximum, safe occupation number in the Board Room, some community members may be asked to wait temporarily in the Education Center Atrium and be brought into the Board Room to testify.


    The District will have a staff members available to assist community members and to answer questions.


    Due to social distancing requirements, a limited number of seats will be available in the board room. These seats will be filled as requests for in-person testimony are received. If you are unable to attend in person or prefer to view online, the meeting will be live streamed through the ASD YouTube Channel.

  • Updated 08/11/21 

    How to Provide Testimony at School Board Meetings 

    The Anchorage School Board holds meetings in the Board Room at the ASD Education Center. Although mitigation measures are in place, the School Board encourages members of the public to provide written or telephonic testimony. 


    Speakers are limited to three minutes per person. You may not sign up other individuals to testify.


    Please note:


    • Board members do not answer questions or engage in discussion with members of the public during testimony.  This is your time to speak and the Board’s time to listen. The Board will consider all information shared by the public, and when deemed necessary, issues raised in testimony will be referred to the Administration for follow-up.

    • Per Board Policy BB 9323-Meeting Conduct:

      • No disturbance or willful interruption of any School Board meeting shall be permitted. Persistence, by an individual or group, shall be grounds for the chair to terminate the privilege of addressing the meeting. The School Board may remove disruptive individuals and order the room cleared if necessary.

      • No oral presentation shall include charges or complaints against any employee of the School Board, including the Superintendent, regardless of whether or not the employee is identified by name or by another reference which tends to identify. Charges or complaints against employees must be submitted to the School Board under the provisions of School Board policy and administrative regulations related to such complaints.


    Please use this link to request to provide a testimony.


  • How to Watch Regular School Board Meetings

    • Regular School Board meetings and Work Sessions are open to the public with limited seating and live streamed through the ASD YouTube Channel.

    • Committee Meetings are held in person and open to the public. A Zoom link for observation is published on the agendas.