• Resolutions are the primary method of formally expressing student voice through SAB. Resolutions can be proposed through your school's student government, and once passed at the school level, brought to SAB for consideration. Resolutions can also be proposed by individual ASD students, with the support of at least 50 students from at least two schools (max 40 students from any one school) on an online petition provided by SAB. The process is described in Article IX of the SAB Constitution:



    Section 1: Purpose. The SAB shall use resolutions to formally articulate the voice of the students of ASD.

    Section 2: Resolution Procedures

    1. Resolutions that have been adopted by a member Student Government will be considered at the next general session of the SAB after they are submitted to the Executive Board.
    2. Resolutions can also be submitted through the SAB website by individual ASD students in grades 7-12.
      1. Resolutions submitted by individual students will be posted on the SAB website with a Google Form petition for ASD students to e-sign. Individual-submitted resolutions must also have the support of an ASD faculty member.
      2. Individual-submitted resolutions require the digital signatures (on the Google Form) of 50 ASD students in grades 7-12. No more than 40 of the student signatures may be from any one school.
      3. Online petitions must reach the 50 signature level within 30 days of posting on the SAB website or they will not be considered.
      4. Individual-submitted resolutions will be considered at the next general session of the SAB after they receive the required 50 signatures, unless the next meeting is less than 3 school days away, in which case it will be considered at the following meeting.
    3. Resolutions do not require a second.
    4. Once passed, resolutions will be sent within 3 school days by the Student Representative to the School Board, unless otherwise indicated in the resolution. All resolutions passed by SAB must also be mentioned in the Student Representative’s oral report at the next School Board meeting.


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