Table of contents

This online handbook is for staff and parents to locate special education state regulations and district policies and procedures. 


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Part I - Introduction

Includes information about the IDEA Amendments of 1997 and basic special education concepts.


Part II - Identification

Includes state regulations on the identification of children with special education needs as well as the school district policies and procedures on Child Find, Child Check, Screening and Referral. Information on regular education intervention is also provided.


Part III - Evaluation & Eligibility Determination

Includes state regulations and district policy and procedures for the evaluation of children for special education services. Evaluation, eligibility criteria and reevaluation information is contained here.


Part IV - Individual Education Programs (IEP)

Includes state regulation and district policy and procedures relative to the development of an Individual Education Program. Information on the following is also included: Individualized Family Service Plans, discipline procedures for students with disabilities, secondary transition, extended school year services, assistive technology, state and district assessments. The provision of special education in charter schools, statewide correspondence schools, private schools and juvenile and adult correctional facilities is also discussed.

Part V - Secondary Transition

Includes information regarding the district's obligations to prepare students for secondary transition. 


Part VI - Placement

Includes state regulation and district policy and procedures relative to general placement procedures, the annual determination of educational placement and least restrictive environment.


Part VII - Student Discipline


Part VIII - Procedural Safeguards

Includes state regulation and district policy and procedures regarding parent rights, transfer of rights to a student at the age of 18, confidentiality of information, independent education evaluations and surrogate parents.


Part IX - Funding

Includes information regarding funding of special education, including guidance on intensive funding.


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