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Anchorage School District and Anchorage Municipality Fine Arts Most Outstanding Fine Arts

  • Outstanding senior must be nominated by their Fine Arts teacher, nominations are due by Wednesday, December 15th. Please note only students who are nominated by a Fine Arts teacher will be qualify for the MOFAS award. 
    MOFAS upload instructions: musicians/theater upload 5 video files representing your work, strongly encourage that you create specific videos for this MOFAS application (no more than 25 minutes for video total). Artists upload up to 10 (minimum of 5 pieces and maximum of 10 for visual arts).
    Mixed content applicants: please split your mediums approximately 50/50 (IE half music/theater videos and half visual art files).
    The 2022 MOFAS application can be found here and has a hard deadline of Monday, January 17th @ 5:00pmhttps://forms.gle/2ZcobiPcNuHv6gEn6
    Thank you for your participation in this award.

Application Form