• The following supplies can be purchased at a number of local music stores. Look under “Music Stores” online or in the phone book yellow pages for a list of stores. 


    All Students

    • Standard of Excellence, Book I
    • Folder for music book, handouts and pencil
    • Pencil
    • Folding music stand for home practice and festivals 

    Supplies for Instruments 


    Cleaning rod and lint-free cloth / handkerchief. 


    Clarinet and Saxophone
    Cork grease, cleaning swab, reed guard, at least five #2.5 reeds, neck strap (saxophone only).


    Trumpet and Cornet
    Valve oil and tuning slide grease to be kept in case, and a mouthpiece brush and cleaning cable brush (“snake”) for home 


    Same as trumpet except get rotary valve oil 


    Baritone and Tuba
    Same as trumpet. Be sure to get the bass clef book for baritone. 


    Same as trumpet except get Slide-O-Mix and a small spray bottle instead of valve oil.


    "Percussion kit" (set of bells with mallets, practice pad, one pair 2B drumsticks (Students may get a real snare drum instead of a practice pad, but real drums are LOUD.) Be sure to get the "combination" Standard of Excellence band book (includes mallet and drum parts).