Adopt a School for the Summer - 2020!

  • ASD Security and Emergency Preparedness would like to thank everyone for another great year at ASD. School at our buildings ended abruptly with the COVID-19 outbreak, quarantine, and distance learning, but summer is on the horizon, and this brings a new set of issues ASD has to deal with year in and year out.playground


    With the coming of summer, it brings the challenges of keeping our community’s schools and properties safe, clean, free of camps, and kid-friendly. In the past, we have had to spend tens of thousands of dollars repairing burned playgrounds, broken windows, graffiti, and other costly damage to our schools. This year, we are asking our employees and our communities to adopt their neighborhood school. By adopting your local school, you can keep our playgrounds safe for neighborhood children and save on costly repairs.


    What does it take to adopt a school for the summer? Just keep an eye out every time you pass by a school. Whether you are walking, biking, playing basketball on the playground, or just driving by, stop and take a look at the school property and look for things like; camping, people lighting fires, vandalism, broken windows or equipment, or anything else that seems out of the ordinary.


    What can you do about it? Well, if you are witnessing a crime, or someone is in danger, make sure you are safe and call 911. The object of this is that no one gets injured, including the people who are reporting these incidents, so please be careful if you see or sense danger. If you spot broken windows, vandalism, faulty equipment, or other hazards, and no one is around, call our maintenance department. All the phone numbers will be listed below.


    Lastly, posted playground hours are at our schools, and these hours serve to protect the schools and our children. If people are on the grounds after these hours, they may be asked to leave. Always check on your children if they are at the schools. We do not provide summer supervision on the playgrounds (except for ASD sponsored events), so we ask parents to take the time to make sure their children are safe and check the conditions around them. Remember, circumstances may change within the District or Municipality that may restrict playground or school property usage, so pay attention to any posted warnings on school property.

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    By working together to protect our neighborhood schools, we can keep them safe for our children, cut expensive repair costs, and keep our neighborhood schools something we can be proud of.



    • APD Emergency: 911
    • APD Non-emergency 311, extension 1
    • ASD Maintenance: 348-5111
    • ASD Security:


    Thank you, and we hope you have a safe and happy summer vacation!


    ASD Security and Emergency Preparedness