About ASD Security

  • The ASD security program includes training administrators, safety/security staff in Middle and High Schools, and liaising with the School Resource Officer (SRO) program provided by the Anchorage Police Department. Our schools utilize surveillance systems, intrusion detection systems, and we are transitioning to keyless access control systems. Our employees are required to wear identification badges and visitors are required to be signed in and out and wear a temporary identification badge. Use of grounds and facilities by the public is governed by School Board Policy 1330.

  • APD-ASD LogoAPD SRO Mission Statement
    The Anchorage Police Department views the School Resource Officer Unit as an opportunity to continue the strong partnership with the Anchorage School District and to provide a safe working and learning environment for teachers, support staff, administrators, and students. School Resource Officers will attempt to reduce juvenile crime through law enforcement, education, and prevention programs. School Resource Officers will work with students to build trust and break down barriers. 

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