• The Anchorage School District is committed to keeping our school communities safe. We know that students learn best when they feel protected, so we have developed measures to safeguard our students and staff and to respond competently in the event of an emergency at our schools.




    What to Expect



    Visitors to our elementary schools will need to be granted access through a video intercom system. All visitors at our schools are required to sign in at the front office and wear a visitor’s badge.


    ASD is piloting a new Visitor Management System during School Year 2023-2024. If your child’s school is piloting the new system, please be prepared to sign in using an ID or your full name and date of birth. We hope to deploy this new system district-wide soon.


    We thank our community for their generous support of bond projects that contribute to secure vestibules, security cameras, and other physical security measures.


    See Something? Say Something!


    It takes our community to work together to keep our students safe. 

    We encourage everyone to be alert and vigilant. If you hear of a possible threat or see something out of the ordinary, immediately contact your school administrator or local law enforcement. 


    Don’t forget to talk with your children about school safety.


    Emergency Plans


    five steps

    ASD has a plan in place that covers all five phases of emergency preparedness.


    The Emergency Operations Plan is the overarching district-level emergency plan. Each school annually updates a site-specific Emergency Action Plan.

    We also update and maintain ten other emergency plans to target the full scope of possibilities and to keep the district functioning effectively in the event of an incident. 


    The district works closely with our partners in local and federal law enforcement, first responders, and emergency management agencies to implement best practices, detect potential threats, and prepare our students and staff to react appropriately when an emergency occurs.


    Emergency Drills


    Each school conducts 20 emergency drills during the school year. Please download this emergency response page to familiarize yourself with actions taken during emergencies.


    What Families Should Do


    The natural instinct for parents or guardians is to come to the school during an emergency to protect their children. However, by doing so, they may endanger themselves and their children. Law enforcement and school personnel are busy responding to the situation. Your arrival or calls may distract them from their work. Please help by following the steps below.


    Stay Home




    Do not come to the school during an emergency. The campus may not be safe and your vehicle may block emergency crews. Information will be released through district communication tools.




    Stay Informed



    It is vital that parents and guardians keep their information updated in ASDConnect. Information will be shared with families as soon as possible. Please know, in some situations, accurate information may take some time to verify and share. We will utilize email, text messaging, phone calls, and social media to communicate with you.



    Be Ready

    caution yeets!


    Be prepared to follow instructions from the District or your children’s school.






    Be Prepared




    Please visit our Preparedness at Home page for tips on how to prepare your home and family for emergencies.

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