• Join the ASD Native Education Program!

  • Students Who Are Enrolled Can Receive:

    • ASD events and resources for cultural identity
    • Summer Enrichment Program during June & July
    • Evening programs and other cultural events
    • Academic and school counseling

    Students are eligible if they have heritage of Alaska Native or American Indian tribes or groups.  Students are also eligible if their parents or grandparents have affiliations as well.  We use the Federal 506 Form to enroll students.  To assist you with this process, we have created an enrollment request form below.

    How to sign up for ASD Title VI Services

    • Enter your name and email on the form below to get started
    • Complete all fields in the document
    • Click "Finish" to send us an electronic copy of your enrollment

    After that, we will verify your tribal enrollment document and contact you soon to finish the process.