ASD Native Advisory Committee

Committee Members


    NAC members
    Parent Members Term
    Helena Schmitz May 2023
    Casey Sifsof May 2023
    Michelle Trefon May 2023
    Eddie Hakala May 2024
    Brittney Pickens May 2024
    Teacher/Counselor Members Term
    Georgianna Starr May 2023
    Lakota Holman Interim term ending May 2023
    Student Members Term
    Suella Wendell May 2023
    Veronica Tuzroyluk May 2023

Committee Meetings

  • The NAC generally meets once a month on Thursday evenings at the ASD Education Center. Special meetings may be called by the chair from time to time. Please note that dates and locations are subject to change. Meetings are open to the public.