• Anchorage School District
    FY24 Budget Solutions


  • Why is ASD considering closing schools and programs?

  • What efficiencies can be created from modifying the ASD Virtual and Middle School models?

  • How do the ESSER funds and Pupil to Teacher Ratio affect the district?



Areas for Detailed Analysis

    • Review schools for closure/repurpose, school-based minimum and metric-based staffing levels, ASDV, special programs (e.g. immersion & IB), MS model, addenda levels, and pull-out programs (IGNITE, 6th grade band/orchestra, etc.)
    • Review ESSER II/III planned expenditures to help soften FY 24 deficit
    • Review 1:1 costs & short/long-term plan to support elementary and secondary, district software, policy & procedure for lost/broken student equipment
    • Review District Administrative staff, contracts, insurance coverage limits, Student Nutrition debt practices, facility renting fees, Student Transportation, etc.
    • Potential for increased revenue (i.e., outsource capabilities to other districts/municipalities, expand Medicaid reimbursement, etc.)
    • Review sports and activities to determine potential cost savings and possibly reduce programs. Review activity fee rates and gate fees for games
    • ASD’s prioritization efforts will be informed through layered community, family and staff input (surveys, town halls, etc.)