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  • The District is estimating a General Fund deficit of approximately $68 million if one-time State funding for FY23 is held for FY24. Since 2017, ASD has received an increase of .5% from the State of Alaska (SOA) through the BSA formula. For more than seven years, inflation has reduced purchasing power to a level of approximately $80 million less than what the District could afford in 2017 in real dollars. This, coupled with a declining student enrollment in our city, continues to negatively impact ASD’s ability to maintain smaller class sizes to better address student learning.

Messages from the Superintendent

  • October 18, 2022

  • September 7, 2022

Important info

Areas for Detailed Analysis

    • Review schools for closure/repurpose, school-based minimum and metric-based staffing levels, ASDV, special programs (e.g. immersion & IB), MS model, addenda levels, and pull-out programs (IGNITE, 6th grade band/orchestra, etc.)
    • Review ESSER II/III planned expenditures to help soften FY 24 deficit
    • Review 1:1 costs & short/long-term plan to support elementary and secondary, district software, policy & procedure for lost/broken student equipment
    • Review District Administrative staff, contracts, insurance coverage limits, Student Nutrition debt practices, facility renting fees, Student Transportation, etc.
    • Potential for increased revenue (i.e., outsource capabilities to other districts/municipalities, expand Medicaid reimbursement, etc.)
    • Review sports and activities to determine potential cost savings and possibly reduce programs. Review activity fee rates and gate fees for games
    • ASD’s prioritization efforts will be informed through layered community, family and staff input (surveys, town halls, etc.)

State Foundation Formula and Local Taxes

  • Step 1
    School Size Adjuster

    Schools and Dollar Signs

    The school-size factor table is used to calculate the adjusted Average Daily Membership (ADM) for each school

    41,325 -> 47,446
    Step 2
    District Cost Factor

    Map of Alaska with dollar signs

    The district's school size adjusted ADM is multiplied by the district cost factor

    47,446 = 47,446
    Step 3
    Special Needs Factor

    Bilingual Education / Special Education/ Gifted and Talented / Vocational Education

    The previously adjusted ADM is multiplied by 1.20, providing an additional 20%

    47,446 -> 56,935
    Step 4
    CTE Factor

    CTE Stidents

    The previously adjusted ADM is multiplied by 1.015, providing an additional 1.5%

    56,935 -> 57,789
    Step 5
    Intensive Needs Factor

    Teacher with many students

    The intensive needs count is multiplied by 13 to determine the final Adjusted ADM

    57,789 -> 71,036
    Step 6
    Correspondence Factor

    Many students

    The district's correspondence count is added in and multiplied by .90

    71,036 -> 72,967


  • District adjusted ADM




    Base Student Allocation




    Basic need (BSA x ADM)




    Required local effort (property taxes)


    x 2.65

    MOA Property Values
    Total Required Local Taxes

    State Reduction for Federal Impact Aid Received




    State Foundation Revenue




    State Quality Schools Grant




    Total State Revenue




    Required Local Taxes




    Additional Allowable Taxes

    (23% of Basic Need + Quality Schools)





    Total Allowable Taxes





    Read more about the Foundation Funding Formula

General Fund Budget - $549.5 million

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