Welcome to Fine Arts Academy 2023

  • Fine Arts Academy

    Fine Arts Academy is happy to be back in person for summer 2023. 



    The ASDSA Catalog will go live tentatively the week of April 14th. To help ensure a smooth registration process and prevent delays, check your UAA registration eligibility and update your student status as needed:               

    View your registration eligibility on UAOnline

               •   Student Services & Account Information  >  Registration  >  Check Your Registration Eligibility.             

    If UAOnline indicates your student status prevents registration, you must apply for non-degree seeking admission:

                   •   Student Services & Account Information  >  Admission  >  UAA Apply as Non-degree Seeking.



    Tentative Fine Arts Academy Timeline


    April 14-May 22nd (Tentative)

    CANVAS catalog goes live for registration - tentative

    May 22

    CANVAS course registration paused for final UA administrative review (determination if course meets minimum participant enrollment)

    May 24

    catalog re-opens, final registration window 

    May 30 - June 2 

    1st week of In-person classes @ Dimond 

    June 6 - June 9 

    2nd week of In-person classes @ Dimond

    June 12

    All final assignments are due to instructors 

    June 19 

    Grades due to UA from instructors