AEA/ASD Mentor Program

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    As part of our onboarding and continued care of our educators, Anchorage School District provides supports to our educators in different stages of their careers. Our peer mentors assist both new and transitioning educators with the many challenges in the education profession.


    Mission Statement

    The AEA/ASD Mentor program exists to create an opportunity for professional growth in a collegial, non-judgmental environment. The program aims to develop an effective educator force that is responsive to the diverse academic needs and cultural backgrounds of all students by uplifting, supporting, and encouraging educators new to their positions in the Anchorage School District.


    Vision Statement

    Our vision is to maintain one of the state's most effective mentoring programs - helping educators remain and thrive in ASD. Our vision is to have a mentor program that is highly regarded for its collaboration, excellence, and contributions to actively serving and enhancing the teaching profession.


    Core Values

    We believe in:

    • Community: Every student in ASD deserves to have a quality educator to prepare them for college, career, and community. A better education means better communities. Tomorrow's Anchorage depends on the success of our students today. Every educator in ASD deserves the opportunity to participate in a community of peer learning in order to enhance their practice.
    • Inclusivity and Access: Equitable access and opportunity to a community of learners and a quality mentor are the keys to building a successful learning path for all educators.
    • Relationships: Relationships built on respect and non-judgmental perspectives leads to mutual trust and collaboration.
    • Growth: The Mentor Program exemplifies excellence in education, this leading to student growth. Mentoring encourages reflection in our professional practices, which leads to continuous growth for both the mentee and the mentor. It is important to grow and retain quality educators to maintain continuity of the staff within buildings, departments, and programs.


Types of Mentoring Programs

  • Early Career Mentoring

    • Available to all educators in the first and second year of their career experience.
    • Offers 40 hours of mentor support with a trained AEA/ASD mentor.
    • Non-evaluative and confidential.

    Transition Mentoring

    • Available to experienced educators with a significant change to their job, such as a three-level or more change in grade, change to new content, position, or department, etc.
    • Offers 20 hours of mentor support with a trained AEA/ASD mentor.
    • Non-evaulative and confidential.

For more information:

  • If you are currently an ASD educator, please visit our Support Central site for more information about being a mentor and link to the mentor application.

    Questions? Please email