• Student and staff safety is the top priority of the Anchorage School District


    All ASD schools have comprehensive crisis plans detailing action for an emergency on school grounds. As part of the plan, there are procedures that staff and students follow if there is a safety or security issue in the school's immediate neighborhood that could potentially effect students or staff. Emergency drills are practiced regularly at every ASD school throughout the year. Drills include: Evacuation, Stay Put, Lockdown, Drop, Cover, & Hold on, and Active Intruder (ALICE). 


    ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter and Evacuate) is a training methodology used nationwide. Developed by the ALICE Training Institute, this program provides a combination of online and in-person group scenario training to increase skills and understanding of our options for safety and survival in an active-shooter emergency. 


    Conversations about school violence are uncomfortable, but staff, students, and parents must understand all the options our federal agencies recommend and be prepared to respond should an incident happen at an ASD school.