Category VI - Commercial

School Year Rates

High School Auditorium and Auditeria Rates

    • Fees:

      • Pre-payment is required and a security deposit may be assessed.
        • Security deposit will be returned within 4-6 weeks provided no damages or overages occur during rental.
      • Usage of spaces on Fridays is billed at the weekend rate.
      • All fees include the assistance of one auditorium technician. Each additional technician is billed at $75 per straight time hour on Monday through Thursday. On weekends, each additional technician is billed at $100 per hour.
      • Load-in/load-out can be scheduled through the Rentals Dept at the fee of $75.00 per hour/per tech

      Documentation to be submitted at least two weeks before event date:

      • The organization's certificate of liability insurance in the amount of $1M, commercial general liability with subrogation waiver and ASD listed as additional insured.
      • A detailed tech rider
      • A detailed security plan

      Additional information:

      • All communications must come through the Rentals Dept - clients are expected to never contact a school directly for any requests or questions. 
      • Rental of an auditorium/auditeria entitles the client to: 
        • Additional phone calls or walkthroughs are billed at $75.00 per hour and must be scheduled Monday-Thursday
        • At least 6 weeks before the event date, one 45-min walkthrough of chosen facility to discuss logistics, tech needs, and event organization with an auditorium tech
        • Two phone calls with Lead Auditorium Tech not to total more than 30 min
      • Spaces included with the rental of an auditorium/auditeria:
        • Dressing rooms and box office (if available)
        • Use of the Commons or Foyer at no charge if used for a public walkway. Fees are assessed if the spaces are used for the event. 
        • Additional spaces must be coordinated with the Rentals Dept
      • Events taking place on 3 or more dates are only considered during Spring Break, Winter Break, and Summer Break.

High school auditoriums and auditerias