Middle School Highly Gifted Program Overview

  • Romig and Central Middle Schools host a continuation of the highly gifted curriculum originating at Rogers Park Elementary School. Students from other gifted elementary programs who show both high test scores (achievement and ability) and a good work ethic are also encouraged to participate in the highly gifted program at Romig or Central upon meeting the eligibility requirements. Although other Anchorage middle schools offer classes for gifted students, Romig and Central Middle Schools are the only middle schools offering an uninterrupted gifted program for highly gifted students, providing smooth transitions through the educational levels. 

    The highly gifted programs at Romig and Central are dedicated to academic rigor and success. Teachers are involved in continued education and special training in meeting the needs of all gifted students, including the highly gifted. Teachers are committed, passionate professionals who strive to challenge and support the gifted learner. Beyond on-site training, many teachers also seek outside continued education courses at the local and national university level. 

    One language arts class and one science class at each grade level is composed of highly gifted students. These students have access to math levels through geometry at Romig and Central, and can also arrange to take higher math levels such as Algebra II at West while attending Romig.  Highly Gifted students also can take advantage of various foreign language opportunities offered through West High while attending Romig or Central Middle Schools. 

    Opportunities are made available within the gifted/highly gifted program at Romig and Central to attend local enrichment activities such as lectures at the University of Alaska and performances within Anchorage. Students are encouraged to participate in local academic competitions including science fair, engineering fair, geography bee, spelling bee, Anchorage Daily News writing contests, Lego leagues, science Olympiad and math counts. Students interested in national level competition such as Exploravision and Knowledge Masters are also encouraged to participate in the events. In conjunction with West High School, students also have access to the Accelerated Reading Program; an individualized computerized program designed to enhance student's reading comprehension abilities. 

    Students are encouraged to participate in other middle school activities outside the classroom such as drama, sports, leadership roles and music. Beyond academics, the highly gifted program staff at Romig and Central believe in supporting the affective needs of gifted students as well.

Program Eligibility

  • Students must achieve a qualifying score on the Mid Level Gifted Secondary HG Program matrix to be eligible for the Middle School Highly Gifted Program at Romig or Central. The criteria include:

    • Achievement Assessment Criteria
      98th or 99th percentile in both math and reading, or a total battery/composite/test total
    • Ability Assessment Criteria
      98th or 99th percentile for both quantitative and verbal, or a total battery/composite/test total
    • Teachers Checklist/Recommendation (to determine student's academic achievement and need for program services)