Middle School Highly Gifted Program Overview

  • Students from other elementary gifted programs, who have qualifying achievement and ability scores, are also encouraged to apply for the Highly Gifted Program at Romig.


    The Highly Gifted Program at Romig is dedicated to academic challenge and support for the needs of learners identified as highly gifted.  Teachers are involved in continued education and special training to meet the needs of all students, including highly gifted students. Teachers are committed, passionate professionals who strive to challenge and support the gifted learner. 


    At each grade level, Highly Gifted Program students attend language arts and science classes with other students enrolled in the Highly Gifted Program.  Math class placement is based on students’ past courses and achievement. For instance, if the prerequisites are met, students may attend Algebra, Geometry, or Algebra II at Romig Middle School, or they may enroll in upper-level math courses at West High. Foreign language opportunities are offered at both Romig and West High.


    For more information, please visit Romig Middle School Highly Gifted Program.


    Updated 2/24/22

Program Eligibility

  • Students must achieve a qualifying score on the Mid-Level Gifted Secondary HG Program matrix to be eligible for the Middle School Highly Gifted Program at Romig.The criteria include:


    • Achievement Assessment Criteria
      98th or 99th percentile in both math and reading, or a total battery/composite/test total


    • Ability Assessment Criteria
      98th or 99th percentile for both quantitative and verbal, or a total battery/composite/test total


    • Teachers Checklist/Recommendation (to determine a student's academic achievement and need for program services)