Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I just stop by and drop off paperwork with ASD Talent Management?
    To make an appointment, please speak with our team at 907-742-4115 or If you just need to provide us with a document, you can scan it and email it to Your school likely has a copier or other scanner. In addition, many smartphones can make scans of documents. This site has instructions on how to scan with a smartphone. You may also take a picture to send us as long as it is clear and readable.


    Will the Anchorage School District accept paper applications?
    The Anchorage School District only accepts online applications.


    I have reference letters but they are not electronic files. How do I submit them with my online application?
    Reference letters or other documents need to be scanned and uploaded to your application. If you do not have access to the equipment necessary for scanning, you may visit an Alaska Job Center or a commercial business that offers computers for customer use. Make sure the document is in one of the following formats:
    .doc, .docx, .rtf, .pdf, .bmp, .gif, .jpg, .png, or .tif.


    How do I apply online for a specific position?
    While completing your application, you will come to a section labeled "Vacancy Desired." Check the boxes next to the positions for which you wish to apply. Clicking a "JobID" link will provide more information on the position.


    How do I know if the Anchorage School District has received my online application?
    Once you have completed the steps to create an application and applied for a position vacancy, you will receive an automated email confirming your application was submitted.


    Once I have completed my online application and chosen my position vacancies, what happens next?
    When the position vacancy closes, Talent Management will review the applications and forward the information to the hiring supervisor for the position. If selected for an interview, the hiring department will call you to set up the interview date and time. If selected for the position, the Talent Management Department will contact you to offer the position.


    When does a job posting close?
    If a closing date appears on the posting, the posting will close at 7:00 pm Alaska time on the day listed.


    I received an email stating my online application is incomplete and additional information is needed. What do I need to do?
    ASD Talent Management can not consider incomplete applications. Log on to your online application and review the section of the application in question. After careful review of your application, click the button "Finish and Submit." Follow the directions to finalize your online application.


    How can I make changes or additions to my application?
    While filling out your application, you will provide an email address and password. If you wish to save the application and return to it later, click Save as Draft at the bottom of the application page. To come back to the application, click the link "start online application again," and click "edit" in the new window


    I saved my application for later. What does it mean that I have 60 days from my first submission before my incomplete application is purged?
    If you have not clicked submit on your application and received a message that your application was successfully submitted, it will be automatically deleted from the system after 60 days. Once deleted, it cannot be recovered, but you may start a new application.


    Will the Anchorage School District contact me if I'm not chosen for the job?
    The Talent Management Department will send an email notification to all non-selected applicants when a position has been filled by another candidate.


    If I see another position I would like to apply for, do I need to complete another application?
    No, please do not start a new application. On our Work for ASD page, click "Create or Edit an Application" to log on to the system again, using the same email address and password used previously. Choose the new position from the "Vacancies Desired" section. Be sure to save and submit your application again after making your choices.