About the Fine Arts Program

Our philosophy

The purpose of the Anchorage School District Visual Art Program, K-12, is to provide every child with a well rounded, sequential, and comprehensive visual art education. Through studies in the arts, students will gain the essential knowledge as defined by the district, state, and national standards in the arts. Education in the visual arts and through the arts is essential for the 21st century, and a complete approach to learning includes a cumulative visual arts education for grades K-12.


A comprehensive, articulated arts education program engages students in a process that helps them develop their self-esteem, self-discipline, cooperative teamwork, and self-motivation necessary for success in life. It is the goal of the district’s Visual Arts Program to ensure all students have access to a rich education and understanding that the arts provide.


The program engages students in a sequential art curriculum, K-12, in four basic disciplines:

  • Aesthetics — a student should be able to recognize beauty and meaning through the arts in the student’s life.
  • Art History/Heritage — a student should be able to understand the historical and contemporary role of the arts in Alaska, the nation, and the world.
  • Art Production — a student should be able to create and perform in the arts.
  • Art Criticism — a student should be able to critique the student’s art and the art of others.


Art instruction is provided in an environment that challenges all students, builds on individual differences and provides a means for students to express themselves and develop a positive self-confidence.  Students develop skills to appreciate the arts, and may focus on the arts as a career pathway.


Visual Art Program K – 12


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Year long curriculum

Grade 6 – Art Foundations (quarter or semester)


Grade 7 – Exploratory Art (quarter or semester)


Grade 8 – Expanded Art (semester or year long)

Core building studio courses

Art studio

Drawing and Design

Art 1*

Art 2*



Skill building courses

(prerequisite recommended)



Multimedia Design

Art History


Skill building courses (prerequisite required)



AP Art Studio*

Advanced Art *


Advanced Art II*

AP Art History*



Affirming the belief that knowledge of the visual arts is an indispensable part of a student's total education, the ASD K-12 visual art program is designed to encourage independent thinking, creativity, and development of an appreciation for humankind's artistic endeavors, prehistoric to the present.

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