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Only in Anchorage can you meet a moose, walk on a glacier and explore a vast, natural park, all in a single day. Between mountains and an inlet, surrounded by national parks and filled with Alaska wildlife, Anchorage combines the best of Alaska in a city that has the comforts of home and the hospitality of the Last Frontier.


The Anchorage School District is renowned for providing educational opportunities of the highest quality. Achieving this caliber of excellence depends on the efforts of thousands of faculty, staff, parents, and students. Employees, from our classroom teachers and principals to our staff who provide that integral support behind the scenes, work together to uphold our high standards and expectations. As Mario Cruz so eloquently states in the video, above, “If you want a job, apply for a job, but if you are looking for a second family, apply to the Anchorage School District.”

Meet our employees

Nikki Banks

Assistant Principal at West High School

Nikki Banks

Learn why Nikki chose ASD

Nikki Banks began working for ASD after college as a substitute teacher in 2001, then decided to pursue graduate school in order to become a full-time teacher and now administrator. "I decided to work for ASD because I had received an amazing education as an ASD student," she says. "The best part of my job is being able to help students realize their potential and be successful academically and behaviorally." Nikki is currently the assistant principal responsible for student services at West High School. "I have never experienced a dull moment or day in any position I have had with ASD," she recalls. "The students and staff become a community of learners together."

Sean Murphy

Principal at Wonder Park Elementary

Sean Murphy

Learn why Sean chose ASD

Sean Murphy spent many years in the Army before becoming a stay-at-home Dad and attending school at night to be a teacher. Being married to a teacher, people often remarked that he would love the teaching lifestyle, which would allow him the same time off as his children and would be a great way to raise a family. "They were right," Sean recalls. "I have two successful daughters who are graduates of ASD." Sean has worked for the district since 1995, with 15 years as a teacher and 4 as an administrator. "ASD is a very supportive district," he says, "always providing guidance, support, and training that is relevant to the classroom."

Flor Malto

Systems Analyst, IT

Flor Malto

Learn why Flor chose ASD

Flor Malto began working for ASD after graduating from college in 2006. He had worked in a few technology positions and internships during school, but was looking for something a little different. "Since ASD has one of the biggest infrastructures in Anchorage, I thought it would be a great place to learn how to develop and maintain efficient applications and systems," he explains. One of Flor's main responsibilities is creating applications that support staff, students, and parents across the entire district. "I get gratification from knowing that when I complete a project, I've created something that helps our end users complete their tasks more efficiently," he says. "This helps keep their focus on doing the job they were meant to do instead of worrying about the tools they use to complete it."

Michael Jerue

Title VI Counselor, Begich Middle School

Michael Jerue

Learn why Michael chose ASD

Michael Jerue worked for nine years at Safeway before being told he couldn't rise any higher in the company without a four-year degree. It was at that point Michael made the decision to go back to school. He explains that While he was a student, he offered to open a snack bar in the cafeteria. "I was working with a lot of kids, being so much older than the other students," he remembers. "At that point I said to myself that for the rest of my life I wanted to work with kids, and I never went back to work for Safeway." Michael has been with the Anchorage School District for over 10 years. "My grandpa has always said, 'We need to get an education so we can better our lives, for our community, family, and our people.' My goal is to assist in the next generation in reaching for and acquiring their highest potential." Michael's favorite part about working for ASD is the kids. "Whenever I'm down I just go see the kids and they make me smile."

Jesse Salway

Math and Science, SAVE High School

Jessie Salway

Learn why Jessie chose ASD

Jessie Salway began working for the district as a long term sub at Benny Benson after college, and fell in love with the idea of teaching math and science in a small alternative setting. This was the driving factor in her decision to pursue her MAT at 23. “After completing my student teaching in Oregon, I came to the realization that ASD is an exceptional district,” she recalls. “The supports given to staff, paired with the diversity of programs means that every student and teacher has many opportunities to thrive.” Jessie says that the best part of her job is helping shepherd students to the next phase of their life and education. “Seeing students becoming productive members of society is incredibly rewarding. I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else.”

Hasaan Herrington

Field Services Supervisor, IT

Hasaan Herrington

Learn why Hasaan chose ASD

Hasaan Herrington is an ASD graduate who first entered the information technology field while attending college. Ultimately, he wanted to pursue a position which afforded him broader experience. His search brought him back to the Anchorage School District, where he's worked for the past eight years. Hasaan is currently the supervisor of the IT techs servicing ASD schools and departments. "The best part of my job," he says, "is knowing that providing great service directly correlates to the Anchorage School District mission of educating all students for success in life."

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Certificated positions require Alaska teaching or administrative certification to perform the job function.


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State of Alaska Teacher Certification

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Classified positions do not require Alaska teaching or administrative certification to perform the job function. Some positions may require occupational licenses.


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Substitute employment is available for Classified and Certificated positions. 


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Retiree Return to Work Policy  

Under IRS regulation, a bona fide separation of employment is required.  Retirees are also required at the time of retirement to certify that no prearrangement for reemployment in any capacity with the same employer has been made for the restricted period.


If you are under age 62, the restricted period for rehire is six (6) months.  If you are age 62 or over, the restricted period is sixty (60) days.


There are consequences and potential penalties for rehire before the restricted period elapses or for prearrangement of employment.  For further information, please contact the state of Alaska, Division of Retirement and Benefits.

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