About Our Charter Schools

  • Charter schools are public schools that offer alternative teaching methods or curriculum. They operate under a contract with the district, are governed by an elected board called an Academic Policy Committee (APC) and have more independence than neighborhood schools.


    Please contact your school if you have questions about the curriculum or your child’s progress. There are many opportunities for parent involvement.


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Types of Charter Schools

  • Competency-Based Learning

    Students in a competency-based learning environment work on fully understanding academic concepts and processes before moving forward with their learning. Traditional and non-traditional assessments are used to accurately determine what students know and are able to do. Students are empowered to present their learning in a variety of ways and are able to advance through levels of learning at a varied pace.


    Cultural & Language

    These schools offer an option for parents seeking active engagement in a particular culture or language for their children. Students are offered a focused curriculum along with a rigorous academic program that develops student achievement.



    This charter school provides resources and support to families interested in home schooling their children.


    Balanced Education

    Aquarian is committed to a balanced education that includes rigorous academics, family involvement, differentiation, the arts, foreign language, and multiple ways of learning.



    Anchorage STrEaM Academy provides a quality project-based interdisciplinary education based on STEM initiatives, and facilitates place-based outdoor education.


    Direct Instruction

    An academically challenging program that uses the Spalding Method for language arts and Saxon Math; it offers students a broad-based K-8 education.



    A curriculum inspired by the Waldorf education which approaches all aspects of schooling in a unique and comprehensive way. It's designed to meet the various stages of child development with teachers dedicated to creating a genuine inner enthusiasm for learning that's essential for educational success.