About Our Secondary Alternative Schools & Programs

  • At the middle and high school levels, alternative programs offer a variety of choices from a science focus, to International Baccalaureate, to programs for at-risk teens and many other choices in between.


    Please contact your school if you have questions about the curriculum or your child’s progress. There are many opportunities for parent involvement.


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Types of Secondary Alternative Schools

  • At-Risk Teens

    These programs are for students who have fallen behind in credit and are more likely than others to drop out of high school and not attain a high school diploma.

    • Benny Benson/Search
    • SAVE


    Career, Vocational, Technical Training

    Career technical education programs prepare students for both career options and post-secondary education and training. In addition, students will learn what will be expected of them in the world of work, create a career portfolio and develop the skills necessary to apply and interview for a job.


    Correspondence/Home-School/Blended Learning

    Flexible blended learning individually developed for your child. Options include collaborative classes, ASD teacher taught onsite courses, innovative tutoring and online coursework. PAIDEIA specializes in customizing individual student needs for academic plans that include the ability to utilize neighborhood school classes, athletics and clubs.


    International Baccalaureate

    The International Baccalaureate is a rigorous, international K-12 curriculum with a focus on academic rigor, an international perspective and the interrelationship of all knowledge. The IB program develops inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.

    • West High School


    Math & Science Emphasis

    • Central Middle School of Science



    Through ASD Virtual's online classes, students have access to courses that may not be available at their school, remain involved in their neighborhood school of choice, allow students to overcome scheduling challenges and meet student needs. Online courses may be taken as original course attempt or for academic advancement.


    Open Optional 

    Flexible Optional programs recognize individual strengths, needs, and interests, and support social and emotional growth through rigorous academics and self directed learning. Students may experience multi-age classrooms, peer-teaching, assessments based on goal-setting, self-evaluations and portfolios in addition to tests, and assignments. 

    • Polaris K-12
    • Steller Secondary



    School-Within-a-School emphasizes student responsibility and productivity. Students are expected to develop self-reliance, to cultivate intellectual curiosity and to seek academic challenge. Students earn credit in a number of ways, including traditional class work, independent studies and small group research.

    • Bartlett High School - Construction
    • Bartlett High School - Integrated Honors
    • Bartlett High School - Medical
    • Chugiak High School - World Discovery Seminar
    • Dimond High Shcool - Engineering
    • Eagle River High School - Engineering
    • East High School - Elitnaurvik-within-East
    • East High School - School-within-a-school
    • Service High School - The Seminar School
    • Service High School - Biomedical
    • Service High School - Leadership
    • South High School - Engineering
    • West High School - Through the Arts