Credit Recovery Program

  • In Person

    Provide direct instruction that is flexible to meet the needs of our population, offer incentives and a focus on care and support.


    ❖ Highly qualified teachers

    ❖ Personal connections with teachers

    ❖ Academic classroom support

    ❖ Interactive and close progress monitoring

    ❖ Support services

    ❖ Class materials and supplies provided

    ❖ Technology and internet support


    Instruction: Apex & eDynamics; hosted in Canvas, and teacher designed in ASD Curriculum.

    Grade Level: 9-12

    Location: East High School

    Duration: 11 am- 4:30 pm; additional 3rd session option 4:45 - 6:15 pm

    May 28- June 24
    July 6- July 23


    This program is an alternative option that ASD Summer School is offering.
    Please note students must have current active eligibility*


    For more information please call:
    Carmela Ramirez

    Barb Dexter

What this program does

  • In Person

    Pop-ups offer math and/or literacy enrichment - examples include hunter safety, CPR/First Aid, photography, summer workbooks, babysitting, prepping for college and career, preschool literacy events.


    Grade Level: PreK-12


    June: Wendler
    July and August: Ed Center
    A variety of parks in the city

    Duration: Varies

    Dates vary on June, July and August

What this program does

  • virtual

    Foster student growth in literacy and math.

    Offer one-one-one, small group in-person and virtual sessions. We would like to offer services to MEP students that are in Elementary summer session.


    Grade Level: K-6

    Locations: Baxter and Chinook, subject to change

    June 1-June 30
    July 13-July 30

    Times: Varies