Learning never stops

  • Although the classrooms are empty, and we enjoy long summer days — the learning doesn't stop. During summer, kids need a change in routine, but they also need to continue exercising their brains and practicing skills they learned through school. Take an interest in your child’s summer activities to ensure the learning never ends.  

Some Ways to Stay Smart!

  • READ

    One of the best things you can do for your child is to encourage reading. Provide a variety of books or magazines for reading. Visit the library often. Find a book that is beyond your child’s reading level and read it aloud. Demonstrate that you value reading by reading your own books. The Anchorage Library has fun events for school-aged children, reading recommendations and more.



    Encourage your child to keep a journal of summer activities. Start a scrapbook that includes pictures and your young author’s stories. Have her write a letter to a friend or jot down your grocery list.



    Math and science are everywhere. Your student can count change at the store, measure ingredients for cooking, calculate the distance of your road trip or keep track of the weather.



    Alaska summers are meant for exploration. You and your student can learn geography, science and history by taking a drive north or south, walking the Coastal Trail or hiking in the mountains. Fill your mind with new information and ideas by visiting the Virtual Anchorage Museum. The possibilities are endless!


    Fill the beautiful summer days with learning and great memories.