Multicultural Education Concerns Advisory Committee

The district's Multicultural Education Concerns Advisory Committee (MECAC) works to ensure equity for all students by providing input directly to the superintendent on relevant issues that impact student achievement, including but not limited to:


  • parent involvement,
  • community relations,
  • curriculum adoption and implementation,
  • cultural competence, and
  • equity and other instructional concerns.


Committee members

See the selection of members page to learn more about MECAC composition and committee membership.


MembersSchool, program
Administration representatives
Dr. Deena Bishop

Matthew Teaford

Compliance/Equal Employment Opportunity Office

Doreen Brown

Title VI Indian Education  Program

Kathy Moffitt

Superintendent’s Office

Phil Farson

English Language Learners Program

David Mayo-Kiely

Child in Transition

Jennifer Knutson

Professional Learning

Student representative
Vacant Student Advisory Board
Teacher representatives
Vacant Elementary School
Daniel Tuttle Middle school
Afshan Mohammad High School
Principal representatives
Greg Balcao Elementary School
Alex Hagler Middle School
Sam Spinella High School
Sarah Alvarez Principal-at-Large
Parent program representatives

Brandon Kong

English Language Learner Program

Krista James

Special Education Program

Denali Kemppel

Gifted Education Program

Carmela Ramirez

Migrant Education Program

Robin Wittrock

Title VII Indian Education Program

At-large representatives

Minoo Minaei

Kaneyo Hirata

Erika Ninoyu

Michon Johnson

George Martinez

Clara Baldwin

William Farrell

Trina Resari-Salao

Kimberley Miller

Marjorie Knights

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