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    The Anchorage School District CTE Internship Program is for juniors and seniors who have completed two or more semesters in a specific pathway / field and are showing readiness to apply those skills in the workplace. The program provides motivated high school students the opportunity to employ their skills and gain confidence in the workplace under the guidance of a professional who supervises and guides them during a 60 hour, hands-on, program. 


    The mentor, the student, and the CTE teacher collaborate to develop a set of goals for the student that build upon the foundations the student has learned in the classroom. These experiences include activities and projects that expose the student to real-life work situations as well as the latest information and technology in the field. Summer internships last 5-6 weeks. Internships during the school year can stretch 10-14 weeks. Weekly internship hours are flexible and are determined by the mentor and student; usually after school, during in-service days, or sometimes on weekends. Internships can be paid, though the majority are unpaid, and students receive a semester credit for completing the program.


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    Anne Adasiak-Andrew

    Curriculum Coordinator, Secondary CTE

    Office: (907) 742-1636


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