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Paper/Pencil Packets from iReady

  • We are pleased to offer families the opportunity to download printable iReady learning packets in Math and Language Arts for grades K-6. The iReady curricular packets are designed to provide Math and Language Arts practice for students that reinforce grade-level standards. If a family is unable to download or print the packets, they can request a paper packet be mailed to their home.


    Families who are already receiving paper packets will automatically be included in the summer mailing lists, sign-up is not required.


    Grades: K-6

    Dates Available: 
    Packets will be available for on demand printing beginning May 26


    Download Your Paper Packet


    Packet Mailing Dates:

    Week of May 25
    Week of June 22


    Please allow 3 - 5 days for delivery. Packets may not arrive on the same day for each student in a household.


     Order or Cancel Your Paper Packet


Math & Reading Review and Acceleration

  • Families looking for a structured Math and Reading alternative for which most students are familiar may sign up for MathWhizz and Lexia access through the summer. An ASD teacher will monitor students’ progress and touch base with families throughout the program.


    Grades: K-6

    Dates Available: May 26 - August 7


    Math & Reading Review Request Form

    Information on Math Whizz and Lexia

APEX Tutorial

  • APEX Alaska Tutorials are supplemental curriculum that can be used to ensure students are ready for academics at the next level. Students may accelerate their learning if they are ready for more challenging work. Alaska Tutorials also provide extra practice on the topics and state standards with which students may struggle.


    APEX Tutorials are ideal for families looking for a structured and rigorous curriculum that adjusts to the individual pace and skills of the student and is monitored by an ASD teacher.


    APEX Tutorials are currently available and will extend through the summer. (Math, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies)


    Grades: 5-6

    Dates Available: May 26 - August 7


    APEX Learning Information

    APEX Tutorial Registration Form

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