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    Federal law, under the Every Student Succeeds Act, requires local education agencies that receive Title I funding to develop an equity plan (Bishop-Watt, 2019). In the Anchorage School District (hereby referred to as ASD or the district) the vision of the Superintendent and ASD’s School Board are aligned in providing equitable resources and outcomes for children. Equity has not lived in one place but is occurring throughout the district via Staff and Hiring, Student Achievement, and Community Engagement. This site is dedicated to providing resources to promote equity.


    ASD’s Racial Equity Planning Tool presents a clear six-step procedure for putting this commitment into action, ensuring that every decision we make is geared towards closing opportunity gaps and promoting racial equity. This tool offers a range of resources to steer the development, execution, and assessment of significant policies, initiatives, programs, professional growth, teaching practices, and financial choices. Advancing equity necessitates the elimination of individual, institutional, and structural racism and bias. It also involves the consistent and thorough application of a rigorous equity perspective to our work.

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    Adapted from the Seattle Public Schools Racial Equity Analysis Tool, and the Government Alliance on Race and Equity Racial Equity Toolkit (see www.racialequityalliance.org). Acknowledgments: BPS Office of Equity and Office of Opportunity Gaps: Ilyitch Nahiely Tábora, Rebecca Shuster, Colin Rose for tool development on behalf of the Boston Public Schools


    Download Racial Equity Planning Tool